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the People of Melkbos

The people of Melkbos exude the charm warm hospitality typical of South Africa's west coast. The main industries are tourism and nuclear power, at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

Melkbos has a cultural centre, the "Melkbos Cultural Centre" situated just to the south of Melkbos, which is available for use by organisations or societies presenting cultural or educational programmes.


Melkbos falls in municpal ward 23 (click here to see a map of the ward's boundaries) of the City of Cape Town in the Western Cape.

People in the news

"Yes, this is the residential area with the least crime. It's the best. It's still a rural atmosphere, it's safe to walk on the streets in the evenings … The police are wonderful - perfect." Melkbos guest-house owner and estate agent Frans Ellis, , 29 September 2006.

"Simon's Town, Melkbosstrand and Gordon's Bay have the lowest crime figures of all the suburbs of the City of Cape Town...No murders were reported in Melkbosstrand (in 2005/2006) " Murray Williams, 29 September 2006

"Many people are reluctant to leave a house standing empty for months on end. Statistics that support this trend show that the main holiday destinations in each region are between one and three hours out of major city centres, with a higher resistance to buying further than three hours away. This should be noted, especially for investor buyers who are looking to resell, as the demand for holiday homes closer to city centres becomes far greater. As example, small towns on the West Coast, such as Melkbosstrand, and areas such as Vermont can expect a good return on investment as this trend continues to drive interest and demand in years to com." Jawitz Properties CE Herschel Jawitz.








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