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Melkbos people in the News
Chantelle Rautenbach
Sept 2006

"I fell off on a few waves right in the beginning, but then i got that good left and scored my nine...It was cold and windy out there, but it didn't worry me 'coz I'm from Melkbos. The girls from Melkbos are tough haha."

Chantelle Rautenbach
July 2006

Rautenbach Leads SA Girls Charge at Mr Price Pro

Stacey Guy
June 2006

Stacey Guy (Melkbosstrand) come up against seasoned professionals like multiple ASP Africa champion Tamarys de Maroussem (Westbrook).

Izak Ferreira
June 2006

Izak Ferreira (55), from Melkbosstrand, is suing a surgeon (WG Warren) and the Medi-Clinic group for R2.4 million in damages.

Ferreira says that he had consulted surgeon WG Warren on January 4, 2002. Warren agreed to arrange for specialist surgeon André Marais to perform the operation with his assistance. Ferreira was admitted to the Panorama Medi-Clinic on January 10, 2002, for the operation. But, he says, the operation was performed by Warren instead of Marais. Izak says nursing staff accidentally pierced his hand with a needle and that nursing staff let him fall after his operation (which injured his knee and toe).

Warren and the Medi-Clinic group have denied the allegations. The case has been put on the roll for 3rd May, 2007.


3 Sep 2006

Roxy Surf Jam Event 3


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Melkbos people in the News