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Quotes about Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
Robert Kirby
25 Aug 2006

"Never mind the blackouts, what about the now conspicuous danger of another Chernobyl disaster just up the road from Cape Town? Koeberg is of the same vintage as Chernobyl and the latter went out of control because of exactly what Nersa recently diagnosed at Koeberg: lamentable security, inadequate protection systems, et cetera. You name them, Chernobyl had them."

Robert Kirby
25 Aug 2006

"Last week, Erwin proclaimed to Parliament on this appalling state of affairs. The failures at Koeberg were 'being dealt with through internal disciplinary procedures', he said in a prepared statement. In other words, what should be examined and analysed under the floodlights of public scrutiny, is now being held in secret."


25 August 2006

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