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Melkbos's beach and surf

Melkbos has a wide beach, with white sand. long walks, sunbathing and safe swimming. The water is ice cold, and only the brave, drunk & ignorant venture in without a wetsuit.

There is a beach break, from which the waves form - this combined with the prevailing winds makes Melkbos popular amongst surfers, windsurfers, skindivers and kitesurfers. The kitesurfing and windsurfing is best when the South-East wind is blowing (i.e. most of the summer!). Although the wind isn't as consistent, there is more swell than Sunset Beach.

The beach is ideal for boating with a very safe slipway.

The Swartland's farmers have historically used Melkbos as a holiday vacation, and on the "tweede nuwejaar", 2nd January, the beach the location for the yearly Beach Festival with traditional boeresport events like tug-of-war (toutrek) taking place.

There is ample parking close to the beach (beware of amorous car thieves!), and also a grassy area for those who don't like being on the sand. The sunsets at Melkbos are amazing, combine this with the braai facilities and it's no wonder that the beach is popular for braais and picnics at sunset.

Melkbosstrand is home to the NSRI's Station 18, who's operational area stretches from Big Bay at Blouberg Strand, northwards to Yzerfontein and from the shoreline to a range of 10 Nautical Miles from the coast.